Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Table Top Mannequin and
Bortree Corsets Paper Doll Free Printable

I really have a treat for you today :) I don't know if you have noticed but I always try to post something that goes along with what I am working on. Well I have been working on my studio. I had planned to make one big post with all my studio projects but things are taking a bit longer than I had hoped... so I thought I would just start posting some of my smaller projects.

I bought this mannequin bust on ebay but as you can see it is not quite my style. A redo was in order. I hated the thought of having to sew a new cover so I thought I would try painting it first. Because I did not want to loose the softness or texture of the fabric, I used some textile medium with my acrylic paint and gave it a whirl... it worked! I added a candle stick to the bottom and then had my son cut me a stencil that I took from one of my favorite paper dolls for the wording.

It now has a home on top of my favorite project so far.. but more of that later.

The paper doll that I took my inspiration from is an advertising paper doll for corsets made by Bortree manufacturing. I hope you love her as much as I do :)

Enjoy and don't forget to click on the picture above to go to the larger printable.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Easter Free Printable

I know we have not even hit St Patrick's day but many of us are thinking Easter. I thought this little cutie might come in handy :)

Don't forget to click on the little thumb above to go to the larger printable.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning Free Printable

I have been working hard on my studio redo but I have a confession... I am so awful when it comes to painting a room. My hubby just cringes when I say lets go to the paint store. I will choose a color and hubby will say "are you sure"??? and I will say "Oh yes... this is it" Then I will run home, paint the room, look at it for a few days, hate it and do it all over again : / But once I finally settle on a color, I love it and if I need to repaint, I choose the same color or near the same color again.

A few years back I painted our bathroom 5 times but it was a small Then a couple years ago I painted the other bathroom, free handed scroll work on it and then painted it over with the left over wall paint from the living room because company was coming and I could not decide... lol.
When I first moved into my studio, I did not paint. It was the color the contractor painted the whole house...white : /. Having said that maybe you can understand the delay in posting pictures on my new space. While hubby has been working on the pieces for the room, I have been painting and repainting and painting again :)) So while I am painting walls maybe you can make some beautiful "spring cleaning" art with this little cutie.

Don't forget to click on the thumb above to go to the larger printable