Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Studio Update Sewing Trunk
Free Sewing Printable

I know this studio redo is taking forever! I have so many projects and I keep doing a little on this one and a little on that one... and nothing is getting done! So I decided to just get one completed : )

This is what I started with.

First I darkened the interior metal with jewelry blackening, then painted the inside with a dark cream paint. My thought was to paint sign graphics from an antique sewing store sign on it but then I found this fabric and I was in love. Hubby built a shelf that sat on the metal brackets you can see in the picture to hold my sewing machine. It has a drop down cover so I can pull the machine out to sew. We added some large casters so that it would be the right height to sit at and also so that it would open and close easily. 

This is with the drop down desk closed 

... and this is with it open

Oh yes... and the free printable... what else could I post :))

Make sure to click on the thumb to go to the free printable!

Bragging Today On Vanessa Witschi

One of my customers sent me some pictures of her project and I just had to brag about it. She used my wings image printed on acetate for her absolutely darling little Fairy Mermaids... and as you know I LOVE fairy's. This one sold in just a few hours but if you wanted one I am sure she would make a special one just for you :)

Check out Vanessa Witschi's website Mermaids Dreaming 

A close up of the wings

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sun and Sea Summer Fun Free Printable
Two New Digital Sheets Available Too!

I did two new digital collage sheets for my little Etsy store and I had a couple of images left over. Some will be for the free bonus that I always send along with my sheets however along with a little preview of what is new, I thought I would post a summer fun freebie for my blog post this week :) they are just so cute with there little sail boat!
Be sure to click on the little thumb to go to the free printable

Here is a little preview of the summer fun sheets I did by special request. They are available in my little etsy store now. You can use the key word "sea" in the search link at my shop to find them. If they do not show up they have been sold but will be relisted shortly!

Vintage match box dispenser made into a place to keep and display beach pebbles found on a special trip to the beach.
Enjoy! Inka

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La Minerve 1803 Free Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Printable


My cousin bought an original print of the La Minerve print from 1803 and let me scan it before it was framed. I thought I would use it for my post this week. I did touch it up some so I think you will find it much clearer than any of the others posted on the internet. The image on the left is as original with the diagram numbers and the image on the right is with the numbers removed. 

Be sure to click on the thumbs to go to the larger printable :) 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Marie Antoinette Free Printable

Don't you just love this... It is a Victorian scrap of a little cupid painting Marie Antoinette. It is from a very small set of scraps so to get it this large clearly was a ton of work.. but I felt well worth it :) I did it to celebrate my new articulated paper doll of Wicked Marie. I have her both as a Wicked Witch and as Marie in black. So stop by my little Etsy store and take a look :)
Enjoy! ... and don't forget to click on the little thumb to go to the larger printable.